Il Castello Rufo Ruffo - Scaletta Zanclea Messina

CASTLE Scaletta Zanclea

Rufo Ruffo

The Castello Rufo Ruffo Scaletta Zanclea is located at the top of a precipitous hill, enclosed by inaccessible valleys. Only in the eastern side, overlooking the strait, the slope is less steep and in it there is the mule track, which still connects, as the dark Middle Ages, "the navy" (hamlet. Scaletta Marina) to the Castle.

The history of the Castello Rufo Ruffo

The Scaletta Castle It is not based on a precise architectural plan. It had to bow to the mandatory requirements topographic who imposed forced solutions. "We have made some real architectural acrobatics to overcome the inequalities of the rock and understand them in one body."

The Castello Rufo Ruffo It is considered one of the major historical sites and beautiful of our territory. There is a law in the itinerary of Federiciani Castles in Sicily, the only one in the Ionian Messina area. It is currently among the most visited sites in the province of Messina. It was built on the rock of Federico II in the twelfth century, its structure is that of a "dungeon", a medieval fortified residence and elegant mansion. In the past the castle saw the exploits of fascinating characters such as bold Macalda from Scaletta heroine of Vespers in Sicily, the Emperor Charles V, who stayed there in 1535 to delight in hunting wild boar, from Matthew Savage to Pellegrino, then the Saglimbene Marquis finally succumbed in 1672 to the family Ruffo. The north-eastern part of the castle collapsed in 1908 during the earthquake. In 1969 the prince and the princess Ludovica Sigerio Ruffo, donated the castle to the municipality of Scaletta. The museum contains many important paper documents, medals, weapons and armor. All items come from the Regional Museum of Messina and by the cultural association "Friends of the direct" Museum by Prof. Franz Riccobono.

There are seven main reasons to visit the Castle:

  1. It was inserted by the itinerary of the 21 Region Federiciani Castles the most important in Sicily.
  2. It is the only Castle Federiciano of jonica messinese area.
  3. It is one of the few castles in Sicily intact as at the time.
  4. Inside there is a Museum of weapons, armor and unique ancient documents in Sicily.
  5. From the castle you can admire breathtaking views on Strait of Messina and on the Ionian Sea.
  6. It is expected hospitality with a professional multilingual staff.
  7. It is always available and accessible.