Arancino Messinese

L 'Messina Arancino through the stomach all of Messina, is undoubtedly one of the most typical dishes cooked Strait. The kumquat is a typical specialty of the Sicilian cooking and the most characteristic product is, without doubt, considered Fry shop the region, so much so that almost all the major cities (Palermo, Catania, Messina) claim its paternity.

THE'Messina Arancino It is characterized by the fact that the sauce is not poor ground beef tomato and quickly cooked, but it is a rich sauce of tomato and meat very tasty pork and cooked slowly.

From Anna's Kitchen in no time you will learn to prepare with your hands delzioso Arancino Messina.

Doppo, all arancini s'infilano in a padeddra boiling oglio and fry them until they blindside an old gold color. They let drain on paper.
And at the end, ringrazziannu u Signiruzzu, you eat!

Andrea Camilleri - The Montalbano Arancini

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